The pregnancy phase is very sensitive for both mother and baby. There are some hormonal and mood changes that you can’t control. In addition, there are many do’s and don’ts.Given all the changes that have occurred, the body sometimes cannot adjust to itself. One of them is that Mom often feels hot at home. Heat and humidity are the biggest releases in pregnancy, they cause discomfort and can irritate you.

Many people think that air conditioning has more bad effects than it can get. Whereas in practice, the use of air conditioning which is more effective in cooling the room has many benefits that can be obtained. The use of proper air conditioning, such as adjusting the air conditioner temperature to a normal temperature around 25 ° C and cleaning the air conditioning circulation regularly and correctly can have a positive impact on babies. Because there are still many who don’t know the positive impact, here I want to share a little information that I have. The following are some of the benefits of air conditioning for babies.Air conditioners or evaporative air conditioner are often found in homes, offices, or shopping centers. However, to avoid soaring electricity costs at the end of the month, the use of air conditioners is often restricted. Even though the cool room temperature is very important for pregnant women.Does Exposure to Hot Air Affect Pregnancy Development?It is very important to avoid or reduce exposure of pregnant women to extreme temperatures. Studies have shown that staying in a very hot or cold place for the first seven weeks of pregnancy is associated with preterm labor. The exact reason for this phenomenon is still unknown.

However, it was found that living in hot places during pregnancy was associated with an increased risk of preterm birth. The risk increases 6 to 21 percent at 34-38 weeks of pregnancy.The researchers concluded that the stress experienced by pregnant women can hinder normal development of the placenta or can alter blood flow to the uterus. However, this can increase the chances of preterm labor.Why do pregnant women need air conditioning, especially in the dry season? Here are a few reasons:

Hot air makes the body uncomfortable with activities. Fans and air conditioners are the right solutions to get rid of this heat. Fans are relatively cheaper than air conditioners. However, is better a fan or air conditioner for health? Come see the reviews below.AC can dissipate heat more effectively than fansAir conditioning or air conditioning can help the body fresher even though the outside environment feels hot. AC has the ability to cool the air than a fan.

Therefore, air conditioning makes the body more comfortable for activities, and low temperatures in an air-conditioned room can reduce the presence of insects. Usually, air-conditioned rooms will be closed, so they are less exposed to pollution.This is different from a room that contains a fan. Fans tend to provide only airflow. If the air is hot, it will still be felt. In terms of coolness, of course the AC will win hands down.

However, the air quality in the air-conditioned room is not good enough
Air circulation is limited to AC users

A common problem with air conditioners is the constant air circulation around the room. This means that if someone coughs or sneezes, the germs will stay in the air and circulate around the room throughout the day.If more and more people are sneezing and coughing, the number of germs in an air-conditioned room will increase and accumulate. That way, those of you whose immune system is decreasing will be very susceptible to germs.Unlike the fan which does not use air circulation in one place only. Using a fan can be done in a room that is not closed, so this allows for better air circulation compared to air conditioning

Air conditioning reduces humidity in the roomAC can also affect the humidity in the room. An air-conditioned room will make the air humidity even drier. As a result, the skin dries more easily when you use the air conditioner.Of course the longer and more time you spend in an air-conditioned room, the drier your skin will be because it loses moisture.

In an air-conditioned room, it can actually make the body dehydrated without realizing it. This is quite dangerous, if you rarely drink in an air-conditioned room.The cool air in the air conditioner makes the body not sweat and forgets to drink, even though the body’s sweat has evaporated faster without realizing it. Not only that, you also pee more often in air-conditioned rooms, right?

1. Fresh air is a must when you are pregnant

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Naturally, pregnant women prefer to spend the last few months indoors. This is when the quality of the air you breathe is very important. This is important for both mother and fetus.Without adequate air conditioning, the home environment cannot provide sufficient fresh air circulation. At the same time, several health hazards can accompany hot and humid air.The most common is mold growth, which is a result of excess moisture. Adequate and well maintained air conditioning at home will ensure that the air in the house is free from all kinds of pollens, dust and various other allergens.When the interior is well conditioned, we can close all doors and windows to keep the air cool.
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