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Increase your chances of being seen by purchasing banners ads on We have a variety of banners available.

Effective as of March 1, 1999

Home Page Banner

$25 CPM

Home Page Button

$20 CPM

Specified Page Banner

$20 CPM

Specified Page Button

$15 CPM

General (Rotating on all pages)

$10 CPM

Banner General Guidelines

Banner and Button advertising rates are priced on cost per thousand page views and vary based on targeted placement and quantity of page views per month. A tiered rate structure allows advertisers to take advantage of lower rates for larger buys.

•, Inc. reserves the right to modify rates at any time.
• The minimum advertising buy is $100 per month.
• Frequency Discounts are available for consecutive, multi-month buys over $500:
3 months: 2% discount     6 months: 5% discount     12 months: 10% discount

Advertising Submission Guidelines

All advertising on begins with a signed Order and a Standard Terms and Conditions sheet.

New advertiser runs on start on the 1st or the 15th of each month.

New advertisers should submit a signed Order, Standard Terms and Conditions, graphics, alternate text description, and URL’s at least 7 days prior to insertion term.

A maximum of five (5) pieces of creative ads may run at a time per order. One piece of creative ad consists of one banner and its linking URL.

Scheduling changes, new target URL’s, and/or new graphics should be submitted at least four (5) working days prior to effective date.

All advertisements will be reviewed by and are subject to approval by before placement on-site. We reserve the right to reject any order, graphic, text description or URL.

Banner Submission Process

Advertisers may submit their advertising via the following methods:
* e-mail:Send advertising banners via e-mail as a MIME attachment. This method of delivery is preferred.
* Posting banner on the World Wide Web. The advertiser has the option of posting their banner on the WWW for Please provide the location of the banner artwork by sending an e-mail.
*  Once received, will check to see if the submitted advertising banner meets the requirements.
* will then check to see if the supplied target URL’s are active.
The advertising banner is then scheduled by to be placed into the advertising rotation.

E-mail Banner Submission to

Sales Contacts:

Sean Cherry – Idaho
Internet Consultant
(208) 666-9642

Scott Hoagland – Idaho
Internet Consultant
(208) 666-9642

Tom Lewis – Washington
Internet Consultant
(509) 893-9649

Chris Copstead
Regional Manager
(208) 666-9642

Thank you and have a very nice day. Hope to hear from you soon!

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A good interaction with the customers of a company will in turn increase customer retention to make the best and fruitful interactions with their customers. Most of the organizations cut the costs which are saved for Call Center Quality Assurance and don’t focus on development of call centre department which is very bad. In each and every business quality is a very important factor either it’s big or small. Wrong behaviors might result in losing of customers and hence a highly trained call centre executives is what every business organsition should have. They are very co- operative and flexible because of which you can feel free to share anything with them.
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Nowadays, millions of construction companies all over the world are constructing buildings for residential and commercial purposes. In Chicago, lots of house owners are contacting construction companies for construction and remodeling works. The most popular and widely known Chicago custom home builder is the Integrity Construction Consulting, Inc. Since 2003, they are offering construction and remodeling works throughout Chicago and nearby cities. By doing the kitchen remodeling works offered by them, you will get extra working space without kitchen expansion.


If you are looking to add extra living space within an existing room, the best available solution is room addition. With over 10 years of experience, the Integrity Construction Consulting, Inc. is offering the room additions to houses of various types. Apart from these features, they also construct a second-story to your single-story home. One of the unique features of the Integrity Construction Consulting, Inc. is their siding replacement service. They will offer sidings made from various materials including fiber cement siding.


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