Logistics Problems in E-Commerce

E-commerce that is currently widely available makes it easy for people to get goods or services without visiting it. Consumers only need to “click” select, enter a shopping list, select only payment and shipping methods, and goods to their destinations.

One of the challenges in the e-commerce business is how to deliver products to consumers on time without defects effectively and efficiently.

Today, using the services of Rhenus Lupprians Specialist Logistics is very important in the world of the e-commerce business. Especially when conducting annual promotions, place reservations are often done. Fulfilling consumer orders effectively and efficiently is a challenge that must be met by e-commerce actors.

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  • Key Challenges to the Logistics Business
  • Logistics Problems in E-Commerce

The challenges in terms of logistics vary, ranging from products that are following the wishes of consumers and on time, to eliminate the possibility of product defects, and supply

reverse logistics.

Reverse logistics are needed when consumers ask for a product return because it is damaged or they want to exchange the type, size, color of the product, and other things.


includes the sorting and cross-docking of shipments.


includes transport of shipments both transportation from and between processing centers as hubs, and from processing centers to delivery centers as spoke.


includes the activity of delivering goods to the recipient’s destination address.

To be able to improve this performance, e-commerce companies need to implement supply chain management because the essence of logistics is transportation and warehousing, to carry out the movement of goods or shipments from one point of origin to the destination point and the key to the success of logistics activities are: quality, cost, and time .

From the “Transporting” activity, it can be concluded that the e-commerce logistics model can be classified according to the type of facility used, such as:

Goods Return Process

Because shopping is done online, there are times when goods are not received as desired and consumers want to return them immediately.

Make sure the return process is not complicated. The fast product returns process will make consumers happy and facilitate sales in the stock of goods.

Prepare Alternative Solutions

Alternative solutions are needed when things are not going well. For example, goods sold abroad or from certain regions.

To be safer looking for more than one supplier for the same product. This is needed when there are consumers who buy one item, but the goods run out and do not go until the consumer complains.

Appropriate Product Estimation

We recommend that the seller does not stock more or less of the items required. If the goods are too many and are not desirable consumers will make the seller loss and vice versa.

Stay Up-To-Date

Do not let the seller provide the wrong information about the goods in your warehouse. For example, the seller sells item A at a certain discount price so that many people buy. It turns out empty stock and disappointing consumers. Or goods with quality A but quality goods B.