International Business MLitt

The Degree Programme in International Business educates specialists and experts for small- and medium sized enterprises working on the global market. By combining arts and science courses, this program gives you the flexibility to build your own degree around a region of the world and a resource from within the Land and Food Systems faculty. A) Tip – Conversation Interaction – it is crucial to understand intercultural concepts of relationships between parties and the manner in which business is conducted. To interject into a conversation can be an unfortunate intercultural mistake affecting business negatively.

This requires organizations to form effective strategies for entering the international business market. Enjoy gaining skills and knowledge that will offer you a career path into government departments and agencies, multinational corporations, international organisations dealing with finance, trade and development issues, import/export compliance, policy and law reform, and national businesses engaging in international markets. The International Business entrance exam will be held at TAMK main campus in April 2017.

Salford Business School study abroad opportunities are available across Europe and the rest of the world – don’t miss out on this exciting chance to learn while exploring new places and making friends from all over the world! I think Bernie Glassman and the Greyston Bakery is a good example of a social enterprise that managed to interweave buddhist principles all along the business operations. Increasingly however, there are language intermediaries who could be engaged to conduct business in the local language. Employment opportunity after receiving a degree is very high, because the interaction between international companies continues to business

Being one of the largest universities in northern Germany, we offer programmes in all kinds of areas, including engineering, computer sciences, fashion, design, and – of course – business and social sciences. Once you have obtained as much information as you can, develop a marketing plan to take your business to the world. The presence of a large number of unskilled labor, contributes to the low startup costs for international business.

The practical nature of the course ensures you graduate with real-world skills and experience to succeed in your international career. Many companies seek out college graduates who are fluent in Spanish or Chinese and also possess a background in international business. Our staff hold qualifications from major universities around the world, publish research in leading international journals and regularly present work at international conferences. The field of international trade can seem as large and complex as the world itself, encompassing disciplines such as strategic planning, law, finance, logistics and marketing.