How to Overcome the Fear of Entrepreneurship and Start Your Dream Business

People experience fear, uncertainty, and self-doubt all the time especially when they are trying out new things or doing some things for the first time. As an entrepreneur, there is added pressure. This is because you are not only sacrificing the comfort of a steady paycheck to become your own boss, but you have to be successful to prove to yourself, family, friends, and even investors that your idea is worthy and you have what it takes to make it happen.

So, are you a wannabe entrepreneur, who keeps having this fear of entrepreneurship? Below are some ways to overcome them to start your dream business.

·       Empower yourself with knowledge

Knowledge is power, so get a lot of it. The more you know about the industry in which your business is based, the less daunting it is because your business has more survival chances. Fear is triggered by not knowing what lies ahead, the more you educate yourself, the more you arm yourself to be more confident. You can educate yourself by:

Ø Reading books that cover entrepreneurship

Ø Reviewing existing businesses that are like the one you want to start. Visit sites like for this.

Ø Finding a lot of forums to help you learn more about the business you are interested in

Ø Talking to other entrepreneurs especially those who are in the same business as you. You should however note that some may resist since they may see you as competition.

Ø Participating in business groups in your area such as the Chamber of Commerce.

·       Build a good network

We cannot always do everything ourselves so it is okay to reach out for help when the need arises. One way to overcome fear is to find competent individuals you can trust and know you can rely on. For instance, you need competent financial companies to take care of all aspects of your finances.

You should also build a support network – may be family, friends, like-minded individuals, people you met in networking events – to keep encouraging you to continue on your path while celebrating all your successes whether big or small.

·       Always bear in mind why you want to start a business

Are you starting a business because you want the freedom to pursue your dream? Does becoming an entrepreneur mean you and your family get a better life? Or are you simply tired of being an employee and want to move up the food chain?

When the fear starts to creep in, it is best to recall the reasons why you want to own a business in the first place. Recalling your reasons for wanting to become an entrepreneur will help gauge your preparedness to invest all it takes to start your business and keep it running

·       Set realistic and achievable goals

When you set your goals too high or too low, fear starts to set in. You need to set realistic goals that you can easily achieve. That way you can achieve them with no pressure and hence little or no fear.

The Bottom Line

Fear can be very paralyzing and extremely difficult to overcome and entrepreneurs are no exception. However, you can follow the ways listed above to help you overcome the fear of becoming an entrepreneur and kick-start your dream business.