Since the competition in the e-commerce sector has lately become more intense than ever, a great offer is not enough to stand out from the online crowd anymore. The online shop owners need to keep up with the increasing expectations from the client’s side and optimize each sector of their business activity. Our ideas may be help you win this online race (or at least get on the podium),

The e-commerce boom we’ve seen in the recent years has reshaped the whole sector and the way distributors think about their business development models. The future of trade is online – the big players knew it long before the pandemic. With its start, it has become obvious that the switch in the main source of revenue will be much faster than we thought.

Due to this turn of events, the traders have started to pay much more importance to their online platforms, noticing that it may soon be the key to revenue increase. There are many aspects that have an influence on conversion rates, but the intuitiveness and effectivity of the online platform seems to be crucial. We’ve gathered the interesting ideas that may help you improve the way your shop functions, and by that, fuel sales.

#1 Great recommendation system

A powerful set of algorithms which process the data on users’ choices and preferences will most likely bring your shop to the next level. Accurate suggestions may bring you closer to reaching the business goals. To introduce them as a funcionality, cooperate with the experts in a particular platform – for example, a Shopify agency.

#2 UX audit

If your users often abandon their carts before finalizing the purchase, you probably need to work on the user experience design. To achieve the best results, it’s worth hiring professionals that will reevaluate the structure of your platform, analyze the user journey within it and come up with solutions that will

If your shop was put up on the e-commerce platform in a PaaS model, you still can personalize it to some extent. Make sure to choose a provider that gives you a lot of independence, like, for example, Shopify.

#3 PWA instead of traditional website and app

Progressive web apps are a relatively new concept that is winning the hearts of the traders. Their benefits are attractive for business owners from various sectors, but in the case of commerce, it’s a bingo! PWA is a hybrid of an app and website. Since its running doesn’t require sending numerous requests to the server, the speed of PWA is astonishing! Contrary to native apps, the progressive web apps don’t require installation on the device (the users do it less and less eagerly nowadays) and go well with any

The performance of your platform is the key factor of user satisfaction – and with this kind of app, it will be better than ever! You can switch to it with various platforms – check, for example, Shopify PWA, available for Shopify Plus.