How To Make And Advantages Of Resin Plate

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How To Make Resin Plugs

  1. 1. Make prints as appropriate. If you want a box shape, to print it you can use duplex paper. However, if you want a slightly complicated form, you must first make a mold by combining silicon with silicon catalysts.

    2. The second method is mixing resins with resin catalysts. Differentiate between clear plaque and color. Clear plaques will use a clear resin, for the colored part will use a color resin.

    3. After that, pour the dough into the mold. Wait until dry. When dry, the plaque can be removed from the mold.

    4. The last way is to cut the edge of the edges unevenly with the grinding, then sandpapered and polished to shiny.

The advantages of Resin Plaque

Resin plazas have advantages over other types of placards. Resin plates are often chosen by many to be used as memories or souvenirs as well as awards at their special events. If you want to use a pretty complicated design, this type of plaque is perfect. You can also include photos in it. Resin plaque even cast is still visible.