Why do the pharmaceutical giants and psychiatry find it so easy to dupe people into taking their drugs?

Why do so many people do the apparently foolhardy thing of permitting themselves to take psychotropic medications? The evidence that these things are dangerous and harmful is so overwhelming, the “science” behind the advocacy of their use so discredited, that it is a source of amazement that so many millions of people will yet risk the physical and mental damage they cause and just go right ahead and take them. For more information you can visit https://www.legal-highs.eu/

The underlying problem our society has until recently faced is the fact that there has been in existence no uniformly workable psychotherapy able to assist people with what troubles them, with what in fact is causing them real pain and ruining their lives.

Someone with an impossible child, someone who suffers from lack of self confidence, anxiety, anger problems, relationship problems, various addictions, stress, depression, trauma, loneliness, strange neuroses and compulsions or unwanted thoughts, you name it, is a human being having a very hard time.

Probably almost everyone reading this article can identify with this to some degree: any one of us, except the very fortunate, will be aware that we muddle on through life weighed down by one or more unwanted conditions. For some of us, that unwanted condition ruins our life and becomes intolerable.

Yet one looks around for a psychotherapy that can actually and truly eradicate that suffering and one finds that there isn’t one.

This gets so bad that psychiatry, for instance, has long since given up even pretending it can cure anything and talks about “managing” a condition  in other words anesthetizing the problem.

The thing is, people can get pretty desperate and even governments and their health services, faced with vast numbers of troubled people, traumatized soldiers and so forth, can become desperate. With no real technology to handle these problems and make people well, then what is left, where does on turn for help except to deadening the pain of what ails one?

Thus it is that the psycho-pharmacy comes along with a little pill that it promises will make you feel better and be “able to cope” with your problem and is able to profit from the desperation of people.

In this society, with its stresses, toxic environment, toxic food, manipulative media, predatory corporations, dishonest governments, materialism and economic duress and so on, there are an awful lot of miserable people. That a great deal of that misery is avoidable and actually created (by people who themselves are in dire need of a workable psychotherapy to bring them some sanity) makes it no less miserable and hard to endure.

It is very easy then for rapacious pharmaceutical corporations and their pushers  the pseudo-science of psychiatry  to come along and prey upon that desperation. For many people there appears to be nothing else, no solution but to take a drug and make the pain go away (they hope).

I would be willing to bet that if those millions of people who use drugs to dull their pain knew of an alternative to the drugs that ACTUALLY WORKED, and particularly something that could make them brighter and better across the boards, the psycho-pharmacy would find itself out of business because very few people are motivated by the idea, “I know! I think I’ll screw myself up with drugs,” rather than,”I just pray this drug will help me cope.”

Our society as a result harbours a huge corporate sector that depends for its profits and its very existence on people being miserable, people believing nothing can be done about their misery, and people being desperate enough to fall for their marketing ploys,

They depend on the continuation of that misery and upon being able to discredit, marginalize, suborn or destroy anything that comes along, as recent advances in the field of nutrition, for example, have done, with a solution that doesn’t require one voluntarily inflicting oneself with chemically induced brain damage.

If somebody at long last managed to invent and develop a uniformly workable psychotherapy that can and does make anyone who cares to avail themselves of it, saner, happier, calmer, freer, more confident or more intelligent, more able in other words to live to the full potential we all know is inside us, then the writing would be on the wall for the mass drugging psycho-pharmaceutical operation wouldn’t it?