Businesses and other institutions hire workers to perform different duties within the organization. The workers then sign a contract to perform the assigned duties for a certain pay and for a specific period of time. The employers, on the other hand, agree to provide the best conditions for the employees to perform their duties and this entails making sure that their workstations are safe and accident-free. In fact, they are required by law to do so and anything to the contrary has legal implications. Employers have, therefore, adopted the best practices to keep their office and workstations safe such as putting up signs in the office and providing the workers with safety gear. This, however, has not reduced the accidents completely and injuries still happen. Head injuries are some of the most common in the office. They are also the most fatal as well and this piece highlights some of the accidents that cause head injuries at work.

  1.      Slip and fall accidents.

Slip and fall accidents are common in the workplace and they usually result in head injuries when they happen. Such accidents are caused by carelessness as the workers go about their duties. They can also be caused by poorly arranged furniture in the office and even torn carpets. Such accidents can be avoided by arranging the furniture in the office properly and repairing or replacing the torn carpets. Wet floors also cause slip and fall accidents and those tasked with the responsibility of cleaning the office should make sure that then use warning signs to inform the workers that the floor is wet and slippery. The workers who get injured as a result of such accidents deserve compensation for their injuries irrespective of the manner in which the accidents happened. You can find a great worker’s compensation lawyer here to help you with your claim.

  1.      Falling objects.

Falling objects also cause head injuries in the office. Books, files and other items on the office shelves may fall and injure workers as they are going about their duties. The shelves themselves may also fall on the workers if they have not been secured properly to the walls. Those working in factories and construction sites are also at risk of head injuries caused by falling objects. Construction materials and other items may fall of the workers and injure them. To prevent such injuries, office managers should make sure that the shelves in the office have been secured properly and items on the shelves arranged properly. Construction workers should also wear helmets to protect themselves from falling objects.

  1.      Car accidents.

Company drivers and delivery guys may suffer head injuries as when they get involved in a car accident. Car accidents can get fatal and it is important for the victims to get immediate medical attention after the accidents. Drivers and the delivery guys can reduce such accidents by driving carefully and adhering to traffic rules. They should also not drive when they are drunk or high on drugs so as not to compromise their judgment.