Modern humans are incessantly bombarded with different stimuli. We live in a constant rush, feeling that we work hard because we actually have no time to stop and just be. This is why we have increasing problems with concentration. Thus, we feel perpetually busy, and yet we do not manage to reach the intended goals. Deep Work is a skill allowing you to overcome the distractions and focus on performance of the intended tasks. Learn more!

Deep Work – what is it?

The concept of Deep Work was created by Cal Newport, who wrote a book about it  (“Deep Work. Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World”). He defines shallow work as tasks which may be performed without any considerable thought or concentration, even in presence of different distractions. It does not require any major intellectual effort but simultaneously generates slight or even zero value.

Deep Work requires concentration and mental effort. It is performed when nothing is distracting us. It helps us: 

  • develop our skills; 
  • generate a new value;
  • fully utilize our potential. 

The goal of application of Deep Work is, above all, improvement of productivity. The idea of Deep Work, although it is mainly associated with professional work, may also find use when performing different everyday duties. Its implementation helps perform the intended tasks with more efficiency, resulting in maximization of profits and limitation of distraction-related losses. Consequently, it is also easier to achieve equilibrium between work and relax.

Efficient work at home and at the office – is it possible?

Today, may people struggle with the necessity of work from home due to the current pandemic. This is often a considerable challenge, considering numerous factors which hinder concentration. However, efficient remote work is not an oxymoron. Moreover, many people find themselves excellently in such an environment, as soon as they introduce just a few changes in their approach to the duties and the rituals connected with their performance! It is the changes connected with the Deep Work philosophy.

How to perform Deep Work? There are at least several methods and strategies allowing you to get rid of any distractions and to focus completely on the performed duties. Of course, achievement of the desired results requires practice and consistent action in this regard. In short, transition to Deep Work requires creation of a completely new working ritual which should be adapted to the preferences of the specific person. As soon as you develop your own style, work at the company will be possible and home office will not be overwhelming anymore, and you will quickly perform all of your intended tasks.

HushWork acoustic booths – support to Deep Work 

There are also ways to make the separation from the distracting factors easier. Efficient work – whether at the office or at home – is definitely helped by calm. Especially lack of obtrusive acoustic stimuli helps focusing on the currently performed tasks. However, it should be known that complete silence can be unfavourable as well. This makes hushWork acoustic booths such an interesting solution: they suppress external noises to a pleasant, soft murmur. Thus they create perfect conditions for Deep Work!

How to obtain conditions for performance of Deep Work under full concentration? HushWork booths make it possible, even at a loud office.

HushWork booths are small, single-seat cabins with a desk, power sockets and optional additional equipment. They prove themselves at many offices around the world. Today, people also increasingly choose them to facilitate their remote work. The booths occupy a small amount of space and they are mobile, which makes them such a favourable solution. Apart from the classic hushWork booth, it is worth checking the hushWork.sit&stand model equipped with an adjustable desk. It allows you to work in a position you find most convenient – sitting or standing! Do you want to learn more? Visit!