BSc (Hons) (Undergraduate)

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a Bachelor’s degree with a scope of 210 credits (completion time 3.5 years). Another aspect of business life is the support (or its absence) from the state as an unavoidable component of the business environment. In some circumstances it may be best for you to go on your international exchange in your third year. This course offers excellent scope for any student wanting to learn how international business plays a vital role in business.

The final year will include a major project, modules which require the integration of the knowledge gained in the earlier years of study and a number of advanced international business module options that allow you to develop your specific interests. In order to qualify, applicants need to have successfully completed courses with a total of at least60 CP (ECTS) related to modules which treat economic questions with an strong international main business

Like most developed countries, Canada provides government funding to business firms seeking to expand into international markets. Managers in international business must understand social science disciplines and how they affect all functional business fields. It evaluates the quality of business and management programmes with an international perspective. The courses are designed to prepare you for future management roles in international spheres.

For Finnish nationals, both a semester of study abroad and a practical training placement abroad are required parts of the degree programme. Irrespective of how simple and easy the documents that you need to get translated are, to make a mark in the international market, you just cannot afford to overlook the competency and expertise of the professional translators. Online international business educational programs allow students to train in a number of specialty areas to ensure they receive the career they desire.

WSU graduates in international business will be prepared for success in overseas assignments, staff positions that advise top management on international operations, positions with global responsibilities, consultant work with companies, and a world of additional opportunities. These years focus around core classes in International Business and the Management Development Programme.