Which Modern CV to Choose?

A modern CV is a dynamic and young document which shows that you are in tune with the times. Very attractive, it is particularly appreciated by recruiters these days. However, there are several ways to create a modern resume. It is up to you to choose the style that suits you best.

The Competency-Based CV

A competency-based CV is a modern alternative to the reverse chronological CV that highlights previous duties or jobs. Also named a skills-based resume, it urges you to focus on what you can do, not just what you have done in previous positions. You can click here to download a cv template online that helps you build the best competency-based curriculum vitae.

You should know that it is also an excellent choice if you change sector and your previous career is not related to this new sector. A resume that showcases your skills can still be a good choice even if you have a lot of experience in your field. This type of resume makes it easy for a potential employer to understand what you are capable of without having other irrelevant functions from previous jobs interfering with its reading. It highlights the information that many employers are looking for.

A Coloured CV

Many modern CV styles use colours to be visually appealing. It shows that you are familiar with the design, and it can even lead the employer to think that you are a person who will fit in well with their work environment. The colours are featured in the logos and offices of many companies. If you know the colours of the company you are running for, you might decide to use them for your own curriculum vitae. It is a subtle and simple way of saying that you feel like you are already part of the team, so you are the perfect fit.

While it is best not to use too many colours, especially those that make it difficult to read, adding some to your CV is strategically a good way to stand out from other job seekers. However, we must not go overboard. Two or three colours are enough. We must also find a way to insert them subtly in the graphic elements because the information must remain in black. You can still put the titles in dark hue like grey, brown, dark garnet, etc. In addition, it is possible to use shimmering colours if you are targeting a position where creativity is of great importance.