How to design a website according to the latest trends

Over the last few years, web design has changed a lot, but the last year brought us new opportunities in designing new functionalities. Technology and creativity are the fastest evolving industries globally, so techniques and recent web design trends are constantly coming up. In this article, you will find out about trends in website design in 2021.

Parallax animation 

Parallax animation has been a trend in web design over the years, and in 2021 there will be more creative and subtle recognition of what can be achieved with parallax. Too much motion in parallax effects can be pernicious to people with some vestibular disorders, so remember about it. Here are guidelines you should keep in mind to make sure they include parallax minimally and do not cause harm: 

  •  Make sure that parallax effects do not distract from significant information.
  • Make sure that completing a significant task is not hard for the users.
  • Reduce the amount of parallax motion within each case.
  • Limit the number of parallax effects to a minimum.
  • Keep parallax effects within a small field of the screen.
  • Incorporate an option for users to switch parallax effects off.

Dark mode 

Most browsers and mobile devices can toggle between dark and light modes, so you need to consider how your website design might look with a dark color layout, even if this layout is not the default.

The dark mode is very popular as a user preference, so designers apply again to deep, dark colour palettes for user interface and overall website designs. 

Projects with dark mode frequently have a moody effect, so it is significant to consider how dark mode affects the general vibe of the website design’s content and message, especially if you are not planning toggle options.

The dark mode in website design should include:

  • Do not think of dark mode in terms of white and black instead, think of light and dark. For example, on a dark purple background, use a pale grey.
  • Avoid highly saturated colors on deep dark backgrounds.
  • Add a toggle switch for dark/light mode so users can decide how to look at the website
  • Remember about accessibility in dark way and provide for proper size and contrast

3D Visuals

The geometric and 3D web design trend has also expanded to contain more modern elements, such as floating objects, 3D shapes, and visible gridlines. 3D visuals are adding to the general user experience. The use of floating objects and 3D shapes in geometric mixes realistic objects with surreal motion. This is excellent for adding the next dimension or layer to your web design. 3D elements give a sense of uniqueness to any webpage.

Accessibility, Inclusivity, and Functionality

Website usability has always been a critical factor of web design. Except for page speed, fast load times, and mobile-friendly design, it is essential to focus on accessibility and inclusivity. More and more people with disabilities are using the Internet, for example, in their work, so it is essential to make websites usable and accessible for all.

Web design trends are constantly changing, so it is significant to implement every update to your website. Cut2Code, a web dev company, can help you with providing the latest website design trends.