How Much Does an Extra Bed Cost to Stay at a Hotel?

Generally, the manager has determined the capacity of a room in a hotel according to the availability of beds or beds. However, if guests or visitors come with a capacity that exceeds the provisions, many hotels, like danang hotel or accommodations offer extra bed services, which of course also requires additional fees.

In the world of hospitality, indeed known terms of sorts to refer to a bed or bed. You may be familiar with a single bed, as well as twin beds, double beds, twin beds, triple beds, to four folding beds. Well, besides that, also known as extra bed, baby bed, Hollywood bed, studio bed, hiding bed or sofa bed, Murphy bed, up to folding bed.

A single bed is a bed that is only intended for one guest with a size of 200 cm x 100 cm, while a twin bed is a bed for two people but consists of two beds a single bed, and a double bed is a bed for two people with the size of about 200 cm x 160 cm. Meanwhile, a double bed is two beds for four people which are usually provided in a Family type room.

In addition, there is also a Hollywood bed which is a twin bed that is joined by a headboard, a studio bed consisting of a sofa that can be used for a bed, a hiding bed which is a sofa with the bottom as a place for additional beds, Murphy beds are beds that can be folded into a wall so the room has more space and cots for a child’s or baby’s bed.

Now, for an extra bed that we will discuss this time, as the name suggests, is an extra bed that is intended to add to the lack of beds. This extra bed is a single folding mattress with a size of about 90 cm x 90 cm. An extra bed is used by three guests staying in a double bed, for example.

There are several lodgings, usually home stay classmates, that offer this extra bed facility, aka free. However, most hotels, most star-rated hotels, provide extra bed services at an additional charge. The fees that guests must pay to use this facility vary, depending on the number of units charged, with breakfast or not, and the duration of stay.

Danang hotels, for example, provide extra beds at an additional cost of 392.566 THB per night, including a fee for one person and a tax of 21 percent.