Getting to Know Drywall and Its 7 Advantages

In this modern era, drywall construction is increasingly in demand because it has many advantages over conventional walls (concrete or brick). The installation is often intended as a partition for various applications such as office cubicles, dividing between spaces in homes, hotels, hospitals, apartments, schools, cinemas, and art museums. You can find the best drywall service on Drywall contractor Billings, MT.

And in the following, we will review what are the advantages of drywall over ordinary walls that have been commonly applied.

1. Dry construction

Compared to ordinary brick walls, drywall does not require water in its installation so it is more efficient and will not leave a scattering trail of mortar. Just call Drywall contractor Boise, ID to get best drywall installation with satisfactory results.

2. Time efficiency

Since the drywall installation process is very concise and practical, the construction of a house does not take long. In fact, the process can be three to four times faster and doesn’t require much effort. Drywall is very suitable to be used as a differentiator between one room and another.

3. Light texture

Drywalls can be eight to 10 times lighter than brick walls. For towering vertical buildings such as apartments, drywall is considered very helpful because it can reduce the volume of construction loads. According to one study, drywall can save you as much as 15 percent in structural costs.

4. Flexible

Not only light, drywall is very flexible in creating and dividing space as needed, allowing you to maximize the area that will be used. For example; create several small spaces in an office, a toilet in a shopping center, or a co-working space. Who would have thought, not only for walls or ceilings, with high creativity, drywall can be a characteristic furniture. Making partition at home will be more practical with drywalls.

5. Excellent performance

Brick walls require a thickness that is fantastic enough to reduce sound. But not so with drywall. Although it may not seem as thick as a brick wall, drywall is able to reduce sound to its maximum. Especially those that have been equipped with Gyp Tone technology, so they have the ability to absorb high sound (acoustics).

Not only that, it seems that dry walls also have fire resistance, some even can withstand up to four hours. So, when a fire breaks out, residents have enough time to save themselves or vacate the premises.

Meanwhile, brick walls are considered weak in terms of insulation – the use of materials with low conductance values ​​to reduce the energy flow that passes through the material – because during a fire the brick walls are susceptible to heat and smoke leakage.

6. Aesthetic appeal

Similar to brick walls, drywalls also give an aesthetic value to the interior. Moreover, the surface is smooth, smooth, and crack-free, perfect for any decoration style. Either the drywalls will later be painted, wallpapered, or plastered with ceramic tiles.

7. Environment friendly

Drywall is a green product that can be recycled and made from environmentally friendly materials. The material is also water-free so it saves the use of precious natural resources. If you need a trusted and qualified expert in drywall service, Drywall contractor Tacoma, WA is recommended for you.