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As an international business major, you will develop leading-edge knowledge concerning the practice of global business. This Bachelor degree gives you a privileged access to the region’s key international players such as international companies, multinational corporations as well as the internationally oriented governmental and non-governmental organizations. Are based on innovative learning environments including Problem Based Learning and Coaching: you will work in international groups on real-life cases and finally present group solutions to real-life companies. Careers in global business requires the ability to maneuver in complex business situations.

This is not to say that document translation is simple, which is one of the big misconceptions that can lead to big losses for any business. Basic studies provide the student with the basic information needed to understand the fundamental processes of business operations. Study alongside students from over 130 nationalities, and join a network of over 16,000 alumni—you never know where your next contact, investor, or business venture will come from. You’ll take the core business class Contemporary Issues and Trends in International Business, your business specialism and your language.

In readiness for your future career, you will develop a range of skills that employers value: the ability to identify and solve business problems and to effectively communicate your ideas. The Degree Programme in International Business arranges entrance exams in co-operation with the FINNIPS network They are offered in about 15 countries in March / April 2017. But twenty years ago, more than likely your business future was not dependent upon the quality of the translation; that is not necessarily the case today. In third year you will be placed in one of our international university partners for a complete semester.

The programme aims at providing the students with the vital skills needed to work in expert positions in small and medium-sized companies involved in international business. George Brown College has partnered with FITT (Forum for International Trade Training) to offer the FITT skills program. Business travel is not the time to make up for every diet that one has ever been one.

How vibrant and international Roehampton as a University is. I lived with people from every single continent (except for Antarctica) and worked in teams with people from backgrounds I otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to work with. After graduation you will be well equipped for junior management positions at large international companies, government institutions or other organizations. This is done by analysing the business environment, which is the core of this programme. This degree will give you skills that are transferable to other areas of business.