Where Will Postgraduate Study In International Business Lead You? (2)

In an increasingly international world, this course will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in today’s global economy. The curriculum across our undergraduate courses balances academic teaching and professional experience, allowing you to apply theory in practice in a way that has been proven to produce highly employable, articulate business professionals who have forged the contacts that will help develop their future careers. The permeability of the firm to the increasingly global business environment has been demonstrated with examples, throughout this essay.

The choice to locally source products has always been a favoured method of conducting business however in today’s day and age there is simply so much money in international trade that businesses often cannot afford to miss out. Students from over 30 countries ensure that you will experience a truly international study environment. This can and does lead to soured relationships, lost deals and in the end poor business results.

You will choose a minimum of three courses in international business or strategy, or an international business oriented dissertation and one international business designated course. Specialising in international business, you will focus on the ways businesses operate differently in home and overseas markets. You’ll also learn how to conduct business on a global scale and see how it differs from domestic ventures.

The studies in the International Business programme include lectures and seminars to provide the theoretical background for the subjects, but also a lot of group work, project work and presentations to apply the theory into practise. Develop a market research plan to analyze the business environment and consumer and business-to-business behaviour using appropriate primary and secondary data sources. There are five business tracks available, which require an additional 15 hours: the Chinese business track, Middle East and North Africa business track, European business track, South American business track or Eurasian business track.

This organization coordinates resources from across 19 Federal agencies to help American businesses plan their international strategies in an increasingly globalized environment. Since ancient times the cultivation of coca leaves (the raw material required to make cocaine) has a cultural and social significance for the indigenous people of Peru. Our students are part of a number of clubs and societies, including the Accounting Society, Alpha Kappa Psi, Delta Sigma Pi, Pepperdine Microfinance Club, Pepperdine Entrepreneur Club, Rotaract, and the Sports Business Association.