Pg International Business (2)

Many HR departments not only entertain such requests, they actually fulfill them – often without even being aware of it. During the first year of studies, the objective is to give the students a broad perspective on the business operations of a company, including computing and communication skills. This means they need to be motivated by our collective vision and this leads to high levels of personal commitment in the business. Honours students have access to the Business School’s Undergraduate Resource Centre at 16 Buccleuch Place.

Pupils which join a licensed on-line system can easily teach with regard to occupations using finance institutions, worldwide manufacturers, import/export businesses, contacting organizations, along with other international companies. The IB degree programme has a long tradition in joint projects with our partner universities in Germany (Hochschule Ludwigshafen) and the US (College of Charleston).

The International Business Management graduate certificate program at George Brown College simplifies this complex field with dynamic and interactive teaching methods, including case analysis and guest speakers. International business degrees provide the chance to obtain international exposure in the marketplace, giving undergraduates a vital edge in the job market. These programs survey the dynamics and various aspects of the global business setting.

The MBA in International Business degree program prepares students for professions in the global arena, focusing on the challenges that confront international and global markets. As a TAMK student you have the opportunity to complete part of your degree abroad in one of TAMK’s partner universities, of which we have over 300┬áin more than 50 countries. You’ll also undertake your dissertation this year which should have a strong international business context. Basic considerations affecting the domestic and international marketing of goods and services. Many entrepreneurs today prefer setting up business abroad keeping in mind the large profit margins.

On this course, you will learn how to develop your personal effectiveness, and how to operate as an internationally aware, focused individual, capable of operating in the international business environment. This individual should be the linchpin connecting the organization’s resources, know-how, and culture to the international initiative. Enhance your ability to apply key skills to problems and contemporary issues within the global business context. Applying to TAMK’s English Bachelor’s degree programmes is possible only once in a business