Busines Management (9)

Without a well defined Business Model with clear Goals and Objectives, Business Process Design is impotent! With respect to role issues between corporate HR and district HR, the key issue is inadequate devolution of essentially administrative roles, and the consequent utilization of senior police personnel to undertake routine clerical/administrative responsibilities.

Written in 1776 by Adam Smith , a Scottish moral philosopher , The Wealth of Nations aims for efficient organization of work through Specialization of labor 5 Smith described how changes in processes could boost productivity in the manufacture of pins While individuals could produce 200 pins per day, Smith analyzed the steps involved in manufacture and, with 10 specialists, enabled production of 48,000 pins per day.

Some of the benefits include: an enhanced basis for setting strategies; an improved service delivery level; it gives my business a greater competitive advantage; unwelcome surprises can be avoided; implementation of change initiatives are performed in an effective manner; there is an efficient usage of available resources; there is a reduction in wastage and fraudulent practices, which gives better value for money.

This is an issue of fundamental importance to Police particularly given the realities that 80{76fa5d37b6d0e01c8bd9d849c70aa2b19296810c8545ca8339633b75ecfbfb2c} of the Police Budget is Human Resources, and all the changes that will be generated by the outcomes of Project PHRM will require employees, both sworn and unsworn, to think, act and feel differently about their work and their careers.

However, these models predate any current political issue, and may occur more naturally than does a command hierarchy All management to some degree embraces democratic principles in that in the long term workers must give majority support to management; otherwise they leave to find other work, or go on strike.